Can I walk-in or do I need to book an appointment?

Walk-ins are always welcome if you'd like to see our showroom and sartoria, however, to provide you the proper time and experience we encourage our customers to call ahead and make an appointment. This helps to ensure we can properly answer any questions you may have.

What happens at a consultation?

We are a people business; understanding who our clients are and what they want is crucial to our success. Therefore, we begin consultations by exploring what your needs and styling tastes are. Whether it is casual or formal, for work or for the weekend, for example. From here, we offer suggestions in cloth, detail options, fit preferences and assist you in creating your own individual garment specific to you.

Where are your garments made?

Our garments are made on-site, from beginning to end. Cut individually by Adriano, himself, the bundles of cut orders are then taken upstairs where they are then worked on for the entirety of their production. After fitting and once the master tailor has given approval, the completed garments are then taken to the "pressing room" where we use professional pressing equipment to provide a final shape and crisp finish. Finally, buttons are sewn onto the finished garments and are then ready for collection! Thus, we can confidently provide garments of the utmost quality as we have the ability to oversee every step of the process.

How are your garments made?

All our garments are hand-made, by the tailors on-site. With over 40 years of experience in our sartoria, we do not take shortcuts and we know what it takes to produce a beautiful suit. Calling on a generational lineage of tailoring techniques and hand-stitching knowledge, we blend them with industry-leading machinery and machining skills to facilitate excellent craftsmanship.

Do you offer full canvas suits?

We offer half canvas and full canvas suits across our ranges. All of our suits come default with a floating chest piece, which provides shaping to the garment whilst retaining flexibility and movement.

How long does it take for a MTM/Tailor Made/Bespoke suit?

For a Made-To-Measure suit, it requires approximately 3 to 6 weeks for completion.

For a Tailor-Made suit, it requires approximately 4 to 8 weeks for completion.

For a Bespoke suit, it takes slightly longer than a Tailor-Made suit and is dependent on each individual case (posture, style requirements, fabric availability etc.).


Please note that fabric availability can heavily influence delivery time, so we encourage our customers to make an appointment as soon as convenient if you have need of it by a certain date.

For more information, please refer to our Suits page.

Do you make women's suits?

Yes, and we make lots of them! In addition to men's suits, we also craft suits for ladies, youth and even the theatre.

Whether you're after a "power suit" for the office, or a more couture creation for leisurely wear, we have many happy female clientele. Please refer to our Women's Suits page for more information.

How should I care for my new suit?

Ventilation and dry conditions are key to keeping your suit looking and smelling fresh.

Do the following:

  • Regularly store your suit on the provided hanger and out of its suit bag - this ensures the shoulders of the jacket are properly supported and creases can drop out of the trousers
  • Keep your jacket in a place with ventilation, especially for the immediate period after wearing
  • Regularly brush the jacket down a natural hair brush to remove surface dirt/debris
  • Immediately spot clean any dirt/soiling with a lightly damp rag, working in circular motions to lift off the stain
  • Dry clean the jacket once a year (sooner if you perspire a lot), and the trousers between 10-15 wears. Excess dry cleaning may damage fine fabrics and reduce the life of the garment.

Don't do the following:

  • Put your suit in the washing machine
  • Use harsh solvents/chemicals to clean
  • Keep your suit in its suit bag - doing so can trap in humidity and body oils, creating a breeding ground for silverfish
  • Store your suit on other hangers without shoulder support or a wide rail - both create creases on the jacket and trouser
  • Let food/dirt set and remain for extended periods of time - refer to silverfish issue

Do you accept after pay/lay-by?

We don't currently accept After Pay, however, we ask for only 50% deposit of the garment initially. The remaining 50% can be paid upon final collection of the garment.

Do you alter garments from other brands?

We perform a number of alterations and don't discriminate on brands. Given that brands use a variety of different manufacturing methods and everyone's body is different, we insist on seeing the garment and the alteration before we can confirm. For more info, please check our Alterations page for pricing and some of the services we provide.