Made to measure suits

Made to measure suits

  • Selection of Style
  • Selection of Cloth
  • Selection of Lining
  • Measuring by Master Tailor Adriano
  • Delivery 3 to 6 weeks
  • Cost Effective From $1800.00
  • This Tailored garment is 100% constructed in The Block Arcade Melbourne and requires only one fitting.
  • Optional Extras: Hand Stitch on Lapels, Working button holes
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Firstly, we would like to help you understand our Made To Measure Program, which is available for Men and Women.

Our garments are all designed specifically for you. Our Made To Measure Suits gives you a better fitting garment then an off the peg. Our garments are created to suit you and you get to choose the Fabric and Style at a cost effective price from $1800.

Made To Measure shirts made in Australia starting from $450.

How Made to Measure Suits are Created

Adriano has his Master Garments (Fitting Garments) from sizes (46 34R) to (64 52R).

Adriano starts by taking 3 basic measurements of your Chest, Waist and Seat.

We then find the Master Garment best suited for these measurements for you to try on.

Adriano will assess your shoulders if they are regular, square, slopped or if you have one lower shoulder.

Next Adriano takes a few photos and measurements to assist him when cutting out your Custom Made Suit.

Adriano then sews the garment and ensures it’s ready for you to wear.

Below are all the custom choices you can make with your suit.

Your Fabric Choices

  • Scabal
  • Huddersfield Cloth
  • Lora Piana
  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Dormeuil
  • Lesser & Son
  • Harrisons of Edinburgh
  • Drago Lanificio in Biella
  • Holland & Sherry

Your Coat Choices

Made to measure coats are either single or double breasted.

  1. Double Breasted
  • 1 Button show 4
  • 2 Button show 4
  • 2 Button show 6
  • 3 Button show 6
  1. Single Breasted
  • 1 Button
  • 2 Button
  • 3 Button
  • 4 Button

Your Coat Vents Choices

On the back of your suit you can choose between no vent, a centre vent or side vents.

Your Trouser Choices

Made to measure suit pants have three style options including flat or pleated fronts.

  • Flat Front
  • Pleated Front (1 or 2)
  • Reverse Pleat Front (1 or 2)

Your Lapel Choice

  • Notch
  • Peak
  • Shawl

Your Pocket Choices for Coats

There are a range of pock style choices for made to measure suit coats.

  • Flaps
  • Slanted Flaps
  • Patch Pockets
  • Bello Pockets
  • Welted Pockets
  • Ticket pocket

Your Pockets Choices for Trousers

Made to measure suit trousers have four pocket choices.

  • Welted Pockets
  • Slanted Pockets
  • Seam pockets
  • Cross Pockets

Your Lining Choices

Lining can come in any colour you choose.

Optional Extras

  • Open button holes on sleeves
  • Hand stitching on lapels

Made to measure suits are completed from start to finish and presented to you without the need for a fitting.

Our made to measure garments are 100% Made in Melbourne in-house.

We can create a garment made to your measurements whether you’re after a Suit, Refer Jacket, Overcoat, Trousers, Shirts, Sports coat, Skirt, Dinner suit, Tailcoat, Morning Coat, or Formal Attire.

Call Adriano to discuss your made to measure garment handmade in Melbourne.

Call: 03 9600 2422