What We Do

What We Do

What can't a Master Tailor do?

Here at Adriano Carbone, Master Tailor, we pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship and professional service. We don't stop here, however. Many people think a tailor just makes garments, but we are so much more than that. Our services span from the creation of new custom garments, through to altering existing garments and reviving them through mending and tailoring. With experience making garments for both men and women, casual and formal attire, we are confident that you'll love the garment you leave with.


Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, we would like to be your first stop for quality suits and alterations for both menswear and womenswear. All our garments are cut, manufactured and fitted in-house from beginning to end. This means everything is locally made, made in Melbourne and ethically sourced. You're even welcome to visit our workshop, located directly above the showroom, and to personally meet the team behind your clothing!

Adriano Carbone, Master tailor measures and cuts all the garments in house.

Our custom garment services start with our made-to-measure service, which if you are applicable for, is a fantastic entry opportunity into the world of custom clothing. Building on from that is our tailor-made service which accounts for greater variations in body type and customization. Our most prestigious and luxurious service, bespoke-made, is the best of the best and is for the connoisseur of suits. For more information on our custom made suits, please follow the links to our Men and Women suit pages.


In addition to creating new garments, we perform alterations with the same precision and care to refine or mend garment. Formal and casual attire, suits, pants, shirts, overcoats, we've seen them all. Need to shorten a jacket, trouser or shirt, or taper in the fit? Not a problem. Have a coat that you want fitted or shortened? We can handle that. How about something more challenging? Want to convert a double breasted jacket to a single breasted one? We've done it, and will do it again. Our professional alterations are done on site, in-house just as our custom garments are, so you can be assured they are performed with the same quality as brand new garments are. For more information on our alteration service, please follow the link to our Alteration page.

Men's and women's garments altered professionally in-house by our team.

Simply give us a call on 0396002422 to arrange a time to come in, or send us an email using the form on our Contact page. To stay up to date on our work, follow our instagram account for all our latest updates.