What is a Made-To-Measure suit?

What is a Made-To-Measure suit?

Hi, and welcome to how we see Made-To-Measure! My name is John Cichello and I am an apprentice for Adriano Carbone Master Tailor. In this post, I will be talking about Made-To-Measure garments and in my opinion, what you need to know when looking for a quality one. People often have difficulty trying to find a suit off the rack , because they're frequently made to fit a certain person, of a particular size, with a characteristic shape. A challenging target market to fit into, especially once you start factoring in that every persons body and shape is truly unique! Sometimes the chest may be too tight, the sleeves too long, or perhaps the style is different to what you desired. Made-To-Measure suits are the next best choice up from something straight off the rack as it allows you to make customisations, within limits, and helps you to get something that is more tailored to your body and shape.


Building your "profile"

Our Made-To-Measure service begins with building your profile to help us understand your body shape and requirements. This is accomplished through three basic measurements of your chest, waist, and seat along with an assessment of your physique and individual characteristics of your body. Then, a master garment is worn and reference photos are taken to provide the necessary visual information for later adjustments.

Some of the tools used in a Made-To-Measure garment.

Particular with fabrics and linings? No problem, so are we!

We stock a huge range of fabrics and linings from different milliners all over the world, including, but not limited to Scabal, Huddersfield, Laura Piana, and Dormeuil. Fabric is a flat, 2D object cut and attached in such a way so that it drapes, wraps and shapes the 3 dimensions of the wearer. Fabric forms such a crucial part of a garment, that as a foundation of any garment it should never be skimped on. So, if you’re going to spend the money to invest in a Made-To-Measure garment, invest in quality fabric. It should be one of the first and foremost things on your mind so you don’t tarnish a quality garment with a cheap cloth.

There's no shortage of fabrics here.

Cut, sewn, and all made locally

We make our Made-To-Measure suits 100% in Melbourne, in the block arcade, in our sartoria. In addition, Adriano himself cuts each garment, individually. This allows us to create a customised garment to the individual, from scratch. Whether you have a truly unique body shape, eccentric styling preferences, or have your own unique flair, cutting each and every garment individually opens up possibilities to you as the customer. This may, for example, be something as simple as optional handstitching on the lapels, through to more complex jacket styles.

Adriano creating the collar.

Time to take your first steps into the world of custom clothing!

Now that you know what Made-To-Measure is and what to look for to indicate quality, you’re ready to invest in a garment knowing you’re buying quality. Our Made-To-Measure suits start from $1795 for a quality super 120'ss cloth (in stock) and are all half canvased with a large range of customisation's available, including, but not limited to, handstitching on the lapels and open buttonholes on the sleeves (surgeon's cuff). For more information on our Made-To-Measure service, please visit our Made-To-Measure page or give us a call on (03) 9600 2422 to arrange a time to come by.

Stay tuned for more blogs in the near future!

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